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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm back but ONLY for a SHORT while

HIHIHI!!!! I'm back at home for an hour or so, so thought I update abit on Meia n myself. Things have been pretty hard I should say with my pregnancy n handling a toddler all by myself, plus some minor clashes with my maternal granny etc etc.... sigh.... but I'm taking it all in my stride, no use getting worked up n upset.

For a start, Meia is starting to show the rebel in her!!! Yes!! even at this age she knows how to glare n ignore me when I discipline her. She folds her arms, glares at me n looks away.... do u know how HURTING that is???? I wonder who taught her? Or did she learn it from me??? Cos whenever she throws a tantrum, I'll ignore her...

On the other hand, she's getting really sweet. Just 2 weeks ago I accidentally knocked my head against the cupboard n she immediately came n soothe my head n then proceeded to hit the cupboard hahaha n when she eats, she makes sure I get a fair share too n she even feeds me. N best is she even does it to her Daddy (BIG SMILES)....

Well, hb is in Dubai again for 3 days..... nevermind I'm looking forward to the next weekend.

Take care gals!!! Signing off for now!


Blogger ML said...

That's so sweet of Meia :D
Hope you are coping well with your 2nd pregnancy :D take good care!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Mama Bliss said...

aww... missed you... hope you'll be back soon... do take care and keep cool yah... you are almost due already... don't get too worked up easily...

6:41 PM  
Blogger ETCL said...

May, miss seeing u n Meia's pix! gimme a buzz once you're back online ok?


7:49 PM  

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