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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steam Tofu and Fish

My Kids aren't fish lovers, it isn't easy to get them to eat fish, if they ever do, Meia will take just one bite and spit it out, Max will take forever to swallow his rice and fish. This happens no matter how fragrant the fish is fried or steamed... hahaha BUT yesterday, they ate it without knowing that it was .... FISH!!!!!! AHHHH I've my ways...

Since both enjoy tofu, I decided to try steaming fish n tofu together! I used egg tofu instead of the normal white ones, minced the fish myself (boy was my hand tired from that...)added the two and steamed it! Turned out light and springy!!! :) The kids loved it!!!

Though my right arm is aching right now, it sure is worth it!


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