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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy 22 Months Meia

Happy 22 months my darling, it has been such joy watching u grow. In another 2 months u'll be 2 years old. How time flies. I'm now enjoying as much one on one time with u before your little brother arrives. It hurts me sometimes to know that pretty soon u'll have to share my love with ur sibling/s, but I'm also heartened to know that u won't be lonely n be left all alone when Daddy n Mommy are no longer with u.

U're becoming very independent of late, u've started to go up the steps without holding any railings, ur footings are more stable n u love jumping up n down. I'm surprised u know how to sit the slide on ur own, in short, u've become more DARING! and I know its time to let go abit, although I still get anxious n my heart skips when u go up the steps to the slide. This morning u've showed me that you can do it all, n I'm so mighty proud of u!

Enjoy urself Dearie, U'll always be Daddy n Mommy's little precious Angel. We love u!


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