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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happenings these days

I haven't been doing much these few weeks, be it with the kids, the house, packing of the room etc... blame it on the extremely berserk weather, it has been extremely HOT and the only thing that I wanted to do was to ... relax n stretch out on the BED!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!! if only I could do that! Try having 2 active n screaming toddlers in a big house with lotsa stairs n u'll know what I mean. Not that I can't lie down, its the peace I need when I wanna lie down n have just 15 - 20mins of cat nap. Yes, its just that short and I'll be 'refreshed'... but... I've long given up the idea of having a peaceful nap, let alone a nice deep peaceful sleep since becoming a mother... I know I would have to wait another 5-6 years or maybe even more to enjoy my 8-9 hrs of beauty slumber.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh even that sounds good... I must have taken sleep for granted in the past.

Anyway, the thing that tops my list now is to pack the two messy rooms upstairs. I gotta pack the larger room (next to the MBR) n move the playroom over OR I could simply just shift the bed over (leave the playroom where it is)and let my Confinement nanny n princess no. 2 to sleep there... well I haven't decided... can't seem to make up my mind... the next thing to do is to pack the hospital bag... not many things to pack, but I still gotta throw in the necessary stuff right? Its No 3 already, nothing new...

Of late I've been feeling 'weaker', very tiring n the body aches so much. Even standing up at times hurts... so all this goes to proof that its definitely better to have kids when u're YOUNG!!!!!!!! That meaning before your 30s... this struggling soon to be 35 yr old is sharing her experience with u. Trust me... its really tiring.......... n the leg cramps... I tell u, is HELL!

Kids - my initial plan was to have more craft time with Meia, but I don't think its working out at the moment as I've to juggle a 13+mth old Max (who adores the stairs). Do I need to worry that up to now, Meia still know how to write her A B Cs n 1 2 3s.... not that I haven't been teaching, she's simply too hyper, but I guess I gotta do something about it right? I've also been nagged at (no prizes for guessing who that person is...) for letting her be a left hander... so what if she's a leftie??? I read in somewhere from the experts that its best not to change them n to let them develop freely. Ya, its a right handers world, but lefties, they adapt well too! So I'm leaving it as it is. Max, is growing up to be even more adorable!!!!! He only doesn't know how to talk... but he knows how to choose. For example.

Me : Didi u hungry?
Max : (Looks at me n nods, then gingerly crawls to the kitchen n to the place where I put the milk bottles n milk powder)
Me : (carries Max) What do u want? (there's a bottle with ribena, an empty Max's bottle n Meia's milk bottle)
Max : (bends down n chooses his empty milk bottle)
Me : TOTALLY SURPRISED!!!!!! oh u clever boy, ok mommy make milk

See he only doesn't know how to talk, but he understands, hahaha especially when he's naughty n I scold him... ultra sensitive boy will cry with big tear drops!!!!! But I should say he's a very cheery boy, laughs n smiles alot, and very very affectionate! Love him to bits!!!

Meia - still very whinny n cries ever so often! But she has really grown up! Part of me can't wait for her to start nursery next year!


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