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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick n down in the dumps!!!

Last week the two kiddos were down with flu... it started off with Max, then he passed it to Meia (who caught an even nastier virus), who passed it to a very confident me (my immunity is quite strong, but I guess being preg and all brought it down + STRESS)... so deprived of sleep, as Meia hasn't fully recovered....

New Maid just came in, gotta adjust... not only the kids, but ME!!!!! I think I'm not doing a good job adjusting... though my maternal granny's a Peranakan (I do understand Malay, I just do not speak it)I'm finding it hard to communicate to her... first I do not want to make it a habit for her to speaking to me in Malay as this will give her lesser chances of communicating with my kids. I'm getting quite frustrated in this area, but I gotta say she's rather hardworking n takes the initiative to clean my house without me asking. Max doesn't really take to her and sticks to me especially at night... ahhhhh I wonder how when I go for my delivery... just hope everything works out by then... my only wish now is that no 3, like the two kids choose to go to the hospital at midnight after I've fed, bathe and put the two kids to sleep. Then my mother n maid can help for a night (that is if I make it for a normal delivery, I hope I can too!!!!!!!) Don't want be away from home too long, I'll miss my kids!

Well I'm praying that everything goes well! But first I gotta recover from the BIG FLU!!!!!!!!


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