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Friday, February 13, 2009

I did something today....

Yes, something I never dream I would do... and what's that? I lodge a complaint to Meia's school teachers and confronted her classmate's maid... What caused me to get so worked up? Thanks to her classmate, my 3 kids are once again DOWN WITH THE DREADED FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they've just recovered not too long ago and now they're going through it! The two older kids aren't hit that bad (they got their flu jab, and are on Vitamins). Its Millia I'm concerned with. She's too young for any meds, and any vitamins. I can see she's extremely uncomfortable... don't know what I can do for her...

What were her parents thinking??? The maid tells me it isn't flu, its runny nose... its normal....???? I haven't seen her nose leaking until recently... and it leaks like a tap!!!!

I am angry!!!!!!! So selfish of the parents!!!

Well, I guess that's part n parcel of being in school... the kids will get immune to it soon... but the inconsiderate parents that pisses me off.


Blogger Sweets said...

try using a saline nasal spray before she sleeps to clear her nose and elevate her when she zzzs.

yeah, one of the side effects of playschool. Heng in SG only 1 hot season, over here we get so many temp changes that the entire school is used to drippy least R's class is. Hang in there sweetie

6:25 PM  
Blogger about LeEcHoO said...

Yang fall sick almost every mth when he started childcare!! but now is much better with daily vitC.
what i scare is hfmd.. :(

10:53 AM  

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