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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Activities for Meia

Since she started school, I've been slowly introducing various activities to Meia... the first being 'grow your own beansprouts'... I remember the time (many many donkey years back) I planted my own 'tao gei' and how excited I was when it sprouted.

And Meia being a tao gei lover, got so excited when she saw it sprouting. Actually this is not the first time Meia planted something. Last year before I delivered Millia, we took some papaya seeds, went to the garden, dug a hole and threw the seeds in... unfortunately, the papaya didn't survive...

Meia had problems when she got her first homework from school... WRITING!!!!! She didn't enjoy it and was just plain lazy and inattentive. Thus resulting in so much tears.... BUT... after a few sessions, I'm glad to say that she is starting to enjoy her writing, and I made an effort to coach her for an hour daily. Yesterday we did writing, (actually I'm teaching her how to use the pencil correctly as well as building up her strength)and I kept telling myself to be patient... very difficult, but gotta try... rewarded her with a Star sticker and this little gal was so motivated she requested to do another page!!!!!!

I hope she or rather we (meia n I) are able to keep up with this schedule... I don't want to overload or stress her too much... so today its colouring time...

She's fast learner, even her school teachers tell me that... now is getting her to concentrate...


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