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Monday, July 21, 2008

Some quick updates

For starters, time really files. Meia will be turning 3 next month n Max, we'll see the end of babyhood n the start of toddlerhood, or should I say the beginning of the Terrible Twos??? In another 4 months or so, my 3rd baby will be making her grand entrance. Everything will change by then, in a way, I wouldn't be so free to go on shopping / field trips with my kiddos. Gotta stay home n handle 3 till the baby is much older n easier to handle.

If not for the rain today, I would have been out busy choosing party decorations for the two little terrors! I managed to dig out the 1st Birthday Banner from Meia's party 2 years ago, but I found it rather girlish as its in pink n has butterfly motifs on it.... sigh.... looks like I gotta really be hardworking this time round, not much time left...

Goodie bags ready, cakes have been chosen. Balloons bought, so now left the food n decors only.

The kids have obviously grown alot! Meia is at the 'pushing her luck' age... she's also able to understand feelings better, can articulate her thoughts better. She's still not speaking Mandarin, although we spend time conversing in Mandarin... blame it on me... I've been speaking English to her since birth and so did the hubby (who now blames me for creating a 'chao ah moh)ehhhh come to think of it, who's the one who wanted to teach her the proper QUEEN'S ENGLISH?????? Men.......... but one thing that hasn't changed is that She is still as sticky as ever to me....

Max,is a very gentle n lovable little boy. After his bout of high fever (which left me with many sleepless nites n a day at KKH) he suddenly just grew up so fast! Suddenly a week after recovery he could crawl on all fours (at 9 mths abit slow lah)and recently he has started cruising. He's such a cheerful boy. Whenever he hears music he'll bounce to the rhythm and his all time fav is Bob the Builder Theme hahaha. I should upload a video of him bouncing if I've the time.

No 3 the little princess is now happily kicking away in my tum tum.... most probably its because I ain't seating in a position she likes haha but I don't care cos its more comfy this way to have my legs up on the bed. She isn't anything new because 1st she's a gal and will inherit all of Meia's stuff. (Hahaha another excuse for me to shop for Meia)

My house is getting messier as the days past, more toys are piling up! Although I'm staying in landed property, there never seems enough space. But I'm planning to pack n donate some of the toys that have gotten out of her favour (in cold palace already). I gotta stop lazing around n get down to packing.

Ok enough blogging, I gotta rest....


Blogger Joyce said...

Ya lor... time really flies. After Max, Jarrett will be turning one soon.

By the way, congrats on your lil' princess!!

8:02 PM  

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