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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is so funny, I couldn't stop laughing after what I heard coming from Little Meia's mouth... n her cheeky look after she said it, makes it even more funny.

Last night after dinner, Michael was relaxing in front of the TV. We were resting a little while before bringing Meia out for a walk. I was with Meia n she handed me a book about Animals. I sat her down n began turning the pages, asking her to name the animals. When I pointed at the Ducks she said Duck, Cow she said cow, Sheep she said sheep etc etc... but when we got to the Monkey page... guess what she said....

Me :(Pointing to the monkey) Girl, tell mommy what animal is this?
Meia : (Looks at me) Daddy!!!!!!!!!
Me : Laughing out loud!!!!!!!! hahahhahahahaa

Hubby shaking his head... n what did little Meia do? She gave us her most cheeky GRIN!!!!!!!! Manz I think she knows how to tease her daddy!!!!

After a min, I asked her again.

Me : (Pointing to monkey again) Girl what animal is this?
Meia : (cheeky smile) Dadeeeeeeee (lifts her head n starts to laugh)

We all burst out laughing again!!! MIL asked why Meia gave that answer... well, simply cos the Monkey in the picture's very SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha juz like my Dearest Hubby.


Blogger Gwen & Glenys said...

MuaHahahahaha.. Thats sooo FUNNY!! I can imagine Meia's cheeky expression. :D

6:56 PM  

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