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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let go

Last night after dinner, sil offered to bring Meia over to her house so that I could get some much needed rest... well, Michael was all for it, but I was abit reluctant to the idea, but since hb insisted on it, I had to agree n as I watched little Meia say her bye bye to me, my heart started to ache.... I watched her going happily into the car with sil w/o even taking a second look at me........... barely 10 mins after Meia left with sil, I started to TEAR............... gosh I was already missing my gal. I felt so empty. I hugged her horsey pillow n hb saw a tear running down my cheek.....

I told hb to go fetch her at 9pm.... wow, the time sure passed so slowly. At 8.45pm, I sprang out of my seat, suddenly feeling ALIVE!!! Hb's documentary has just ended n I hasten him to go fetch Meia.

Yes, I must learn to let go slowly... now its me who can't let go.


Blogger Wenzel 宛仟 said...

To let go is a skill need to acquire over the time. I'd say it's not easy esp u have been attached to Meia for so long.

However ur body also require the much needed rest, at the same time u also need to get Meia ready for the coming didi as u wun have the same amt of time and attention on her when didi is born liao.

I'm trying to switch role and 'outsource' part of my routine with Wenzel to hb now.

Hopefully our gals can understand our intention of doing so. ;)

10:16 AM  
Blogger ML said...

I'm not sure if you are getting emotional partly becos of the 2nd preg or all along you are like that. But we have to learn to let go, and I feel that few hrs apart is still acceptable, unless you are talking about few days apart.

Now that you are preg with #2, we really have to learn to let go as there are times where we can't go things by ourselves.

As what wenzel has said, hope our gals will understand our intentions. :)

11:25 AM  
Blogger MommytoMeia said...

Thks gals, yes, i do understand its time to let go... being a 24/7 isn't ez, unless u r one urself to totally understand how I feel. hopefully meia takes to her brother well next time.

11:38 AM  
Blogger ML said...

I'm sure meia will take good care of her brother next time, but of cos she needs your guidance in order to achieve that!

11:53 PM  

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