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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fatherly Love

This is quite touching, but I've never seen hb's face so stern n angry before (ok, he looks stern at norm, but today his face just reflects the 'I'm gonna eat u look').

We brought Meia to AMK this morning as hb wanted to exchange something. Hb, Meia n I had breakfast at the market while MIL went for a some leg therapy session. After our breakfast n some marketing, we proceeded to find MIL. Since she wasn't ready, n Meia wanted to go over to the opposite block's playground, hb brought her there while I sat n waited outside to wait for them. From where I was sitting, I could have a perfect view of Michael n Meia.

They were having a swell time, n Meia was having fun playing catching, hide n seek with hb. All was fine until the little girl wanted to go to the next block beside it. I couldn't see them from here, but I received a call from hb telling me their whereabouts. The next min, I heard Meia's cries n hb immediately cut off. What could have happened? I thought to myself. Maybe she had a fall? Shortly after, I saw hb carrying a sobbing Meia in his arms walking towards me. It was as if he was anxiously looking for someone, then suddenly located n turned towards my direction.

Wow!!! Boy was he FIERCE!!! Yes I've seen his fierce look before, but this LOOK was like a TIGER, a LION, a very pissed off n very very very ANGRY look, the I wanna wallop someone look!!! When he was near me, he pointed to the boy behind n told me that, that boy, hit Meia on the chest!!!! Gosh I was shocked n I saw lotsa tears on my little gal's face.

IT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE!!!!! n there were many eye witnesses according to hb, an auntie even pointed to my hb that the boy's mother was there. I quickly took Meia while hb confronted the boy's mother, who was obviously aware of her son's naughty deeds, but desperately trying to cover up n then start denying everything. Of course, the confrontation caused many stares... but we couldn't care less.... this boy HIT my little gal. Michael told the mother that he wasn't scolding her boy, he just wants to teach him that his action wasn't right. N whether the mother wanted to admit to her son's deeds, its up to her, cos deep down she knows her son did hit Meia n it was a hard HIT. Hb said the mother was behind her kid all the time n could have witness everything. Good thing is, Meia's ok n we checked her body for injuries (ok, we KS but dun wan take chance as hb said it was a hard hit).

I was of course quite touched to see Michael standing up for his little gal!!!! He actually protected her!!! Suddenly, I felt that my hb is such a GREAT n STRONG man!!!!

My secret????? I really felt like slapping the boy.... cos in the end I heard him confessing to his mom he did hit Meia n they told him to go apologise, but too late, we've walked away....


Blogger jean said...

Hi May, hope Meia is ok now. Some boys tend to be very rough at the playground. So must be very careful. Glad to read of Michael's macho protection over his little girl.. so sweet hor :)

1:08 PM  
Blogger MommytoMeia said...

ya lor Jean, suddenly my hb became an ying siong hahaha

3:34 PM  
Blogger ETCL said...

Big M is so protective towards M! this episode has certainly proven his deep love for M... that stupiak boy damn chek ark... shd stay ard until he apologises, this type of parent nids to be shamed... gosh, saw the whole incident yet cover up? PUIIIII, now we know wat type of kid this bully will grow up to be....

4:00 PM  
Blogger ETCL said...

oooops thats me, EM

4:00 PM  

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