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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My daily struggles

Yes, like all moms, I do have my daily struggles.... and what are they?

1. Bathing Meia
2. Feeding Meia

I find it so much easier to discipline her than doing the above 2 tasks. I've exhausted all my means, tricks etc to get her to bathe. Even included new bath toys, taken out old bath toys (to rekindle some interest), collected flowers from garden, blowing bubbles etc... each morning n evening bathtimes are a struggle, really gotta pray for more patience.

Just when I thought her food intake has increased, she suddenly rejected her proper meals, but takes to JUNK food!!!!! gosh.... She refuses her own food n at times would like to eat adult food. I'm not too rigid on this. I'll give her a little. Well, at least she's eating right? Sometimes if she rejects her food, n if she wants bread, I'll just give it to her. But it sure its sad to see my little gal rejecting the healthy meals I prepare.


Blogger ETCL said...

C's eating pattern has oso changed liao... previously she can finish all her regular meals, but lately, she's been telling us things like MAMA STOP ENOUGH n show us the HALT sign.... but her night feed has increased fr once to twice ( b4 she koon, she'll tell us I WAN MILK ), so including her morning milk feed, its 3xs per day instead of the usual 2xs.

Next time when we bring the both of them out, can go to macs since they both like french fries! kekeke


6:47 AM  
Blogger MommytoMeia said...

Em, yes, fries are her FAV!!! infact, anything fried... but good thing is Meia loves her veggies, esp broccoli, so I forsee no probs getting her to eat her vegs next time. Ya meia drinks milk 3xs per day too... lucky she loves her milk. I don't really force her to finish her meals, but u know.... i get nagged....

Fries, confirm i don't have to force down her throat, she'll gladly chomp it down. Yes, macs wil be a good idea!

7:38 PM  

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