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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hb's going away

Sigh.... this is the first time after we've married that Michael's going away on a business trip.... although its only for 4 days, I'm kindda worried and almost unwilling to see him go... okie, maybe this is the first time, so I'm not used to it, I gotta get used to the idea of Michael travelling more often next time since he's having a big role in this project. Poor hb has been OT-ing of late, n little Meia hasn't been spending much time with her daddy.

I'm still waiting for hb to come home as I'm writing this, he worked thru the whole of last night n didn't come home as he has a 9.30am meeting, so he spent the night at the office... poor guy. This is the second time already.

Think I'm starting to miss my husband already....


Blogger ETCL said...

i understand how u feel May... i dun see AK for bt 3 days per wk on average too... this arrangemt has started since Day 1 we part tor neh... n will get worse in future.. fr next wk onwards, even Sats he will be on course full day liao.... even Sun may be on call neh.. but ive got used to not seeing him ard liao.... i v bad, always 'threaten' him with, ' LATER C CANT RECOG U LIAO! '
n it got him real scared kekekeek

ren ren ren, Big M's project will be completed in the near future, so its a temp arrangement...

8:25 AM  
Blogger jean said...

Hang in there, May! He will be back soon. You have dear meia with you so your days with her will pass by very fast :)

2:01 PM  

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