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Monday, July 16, 2007


So just what is it that motivates me? Well, its gotta be the 3 Ms!!! To be precise, one BIG, one small n one soon due in another 3 weeks or so. Before Motherhood came into the picture, the one thing that motivates me the most is when Big M praises my cooking!!! HA!!! When Motherhood came into the picture, yes I gotta admit (sorry Big M), Meia becomes the WORLD!!! Its never easy caring for a kid 24/7 who's as sticky as super glue or maybe something even stronger (like gravity????)who thinks u're her world n no one else exists in her life except YOU, the MOTHER.... oh well, I'm not complaining, because my little gal is super adorable n loving (when she's not throwing some super tantrums)... Meia is a sucker for HUGS, n she loves to HUG people too. But what ticks me the most is her INNOCENT LOVE!!! her SMILE, her SHARING HEART, her CARE for me (once I accidentally knocked my head against the cupboard n my little gal ran to me, beat the cupboard, n straight away patted my head) such sweet actions from Meia simply melts me.

Although its MADNESS at times, I tell myself that time with my kids are special. I for one, am willing to stay home n enjoy other perks like watching my kids grow, their milestones, their first steps/words, the list goes on n on... afterall, they're only this YOUNG for a short period of time, n before u know it, they suddenly grow 'wings' n they're no longer EXCLUSIVELY YOURS! Someday they'll become someone's wife n mother... okie, sorry for digressing...

So what other stuff motivates me??? well

1) Everything about Meia
2) Seeing Michael hard at work, trying to provide a better life for his family
3) Mex kicking me real hard
4) Michael praising my cooking
5) Michael giving me big hugs

and errr... last but not least (think its on every womens' list)

6) SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So gals may I know what motivates u?


Blogger Ash Mummy said...

Ash LOVES to give ppl hugs...everytime after zp class she will always run to the teacher and her friends to give them a goodbye hugs haha

9:07 AM  

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