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Friday, July 20, 2007

Meia n her fav words

She's getting more vocal these days... she can say quite a number of words n short sentences, though I think she's slow in speaking, I'm already very happy with her progress. The other day she saw a cat playing with a plant she turned n told me
'cat play plant' wah... I didn't know she knows the word 'plant' leh... or the other fav sentence is 'car park there'. 'mi mi go take' 'baby walk walk' 'go n see bird bird'

I've actually lost count of the words she can say, and I know I haven't been blogging it down, cos I don't see the need to... heheheh, or just plain lazy... hahaha.


Blogger ETCL said...

Meia is speaking v well!! kids will keep surprising us *heheeh*


6:46 PM  

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