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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My son has been discharged

I'm glad to announce that Ah boy has been discharged n is back in Home Sweet Home :) Yeah!!!! He was admitted to KKH yesterday because his ulcer went bigger, and a very concerned PD referred him to his friend at the hospital who suggested they run some tests to determine what caused the ulcer.

Some tissues of the ulcer n some blood work were taken this evening before we were allowed home. Results of the test we'll have to wait till the follow up check next Monday afternoon.

It was a tiring 2 day for me, especially yesterday. I broke down when I heard the word 'ADMIT'. BUT I should say today was a good day as I finally had some really fantastic quality time with my son (w/o any distractions). I enjoyed cuddling him on my chest and singing Amazing Grace to him. I felt the time stopped that moment n it was so magical. It was even better news when the doctor said we could go home. I miss my son, the house felt so empty without him last night.

He has been put on antibiotics for a week, I'm praying he gets better SOON! Welcome home Son, we LOVE U!


Blogger melissa said...

it's great to know that your son is back home.. get well soon max!

7:13 AM  
Blogger jean said...

I am sorry to know that Mex is not well for the past few days. Hope he is better today.

May God be with him and heal him of his ulcer totally.

Take care too, May..

11:51 PM  

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